October 2017 Update

WeatherTogether blog locations, October 2017. (Map created using mapchart.net)

WeatherTogether experienced exciting growth this October. Our team grew with four new blogs being started in the month. These new bloggers are located in three states not previously covered by WeatherTogether, along with making us now a multi-national community! Along with this, one blogger moved, which removed Idaho from the list and added Nevada. Here’s our list of bloggers added for the month of October:

United Kingdom
Welsh Weather, by Harry Hayfield – Wales

United States
Jackson, TN’s Climate Summary, by William Brantley – Tennessee
Nathan Parker’s Weather, by Nathan Parker – Arkansas
Sola Virtus Observatory Weather Report, by Josh Henderson – Maryland

Currently, the state with the most bloggers is Oregon at three.

These new blogs, plus a few that are just starting but not yet complete bring our total number of WeatherTogether blogs up to 18! We look forward to seeing more bloggers join in the coming months as WeatherTogether continues to integrate WeatherQuack bloggers into our family!

If you’re interested in starting your own weather blog, head over here to get started. We’d love to have you!

Site Updates

Along with new bloggers, we’ve also made some changes to the WeatherTogether experience. The biggest of these is the creation of a live chat, which allows you to chat directly with WeatherTogether bloggers and other members of our community right on our website! You can find the live chat by clicking this link. Stop by and say hello!

On top of the live chat, we’ve also provided visitors with better ways to contact the admin team, as well as added more webcams to that page. Contact forms can be found at this link, and webcams can be found here.

Our Favorite Posts

We are blessed to have bloggers who generate excellent content. This month was no different. Here are some of the posts that really caught our eye (in order of when they were posted):

Of course, this doesn’t even scratch the surface of the excellent content generated by WeatherTogether bloggers daily. To read more about what is going on, check out our activity feed on the WeatherTogether homepage.

Thank you to all of our readers and bloggers for sticking with us. We look forward to having more excellent news and content to share with you over the next month!

Mark Ingalls, WeatherTogether Admin

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