November 2017 Update

WeatherTogether blog locations in November 2017. (Created using

WeatherTogether continued to grow in November! We’re pleased to announce three new bloggers, one of which added a new state to our portfolio – Alaska! This brings our total number of nations to two and our total number of U.S. States to 10. Our new bloggers for this month are as follows:

This brings our total blogs to 21. Of those, 13 were active during November. The state with the most active blogs in November was Oregon with three.

We’re always looking to welcome new bloggers who are interested in the weather! Start yours today by heading over here!

From the Admins

Charlie Phillips, CEO – Portland, Ore.


We modified the look of the homepage by reducing the number of links in the main menu and adding these links to the footer, giving the site a cleaner appearance. We’ve made some really nice behind-the-scenes progress on our weather models and have substantially improved our “Weather 101” page, though much work remains on both these fronts. We’ve been fortunate to add three new blogs, and John Markle’s Salcha Basin, Alaska blog has really expanded our geographic reach.



Mark Ingalls, COO – Fernley, Nev.


WeatherTogether continues to grow in exciting ways. We’re always thrilled to see new bloggers join us, especially those from new regions like John from Alaska. Our social media presence increased this month as well, with several new people ‘liking’  the WeatherTogether Facebook page and a few new folks following us on Twitter where we post reports written by our bloggers. Beyond this, we were also able to start generating beautiful graphics thanks to a subscription to MetGraphics.



Nathan Parker, CIO – Hot Springs, Ark.


The WeatherQuack merge under WeatherTogether continued during November. All regular bloggers from WeatherQuack have successfully registered under WeatherTogether. All of the blog archives and remaining content from WeatherQuack has been merged under WeatherTogether, and the transition should be fully complete by December.

Our Favorite Posts

November was a big month for weather, and our bloggers were right on top of it! Here are some of the ones that stood out to us! These are listed in order of when they were published.

These are just a few of the excellent updates offered by our bloggers in the month of November. To see them all and to watch for updates throughout December, head over to the WeatherTogether homepage!

Thank you to all of our readers and bloggers for sticking with us! We appreciate each and every one of you and wish you all a very happy holiday season.

Mark Ingalls, WeatherTogether COO

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