Our Contributors

Charlie Phillips

Charlie started WeatherTogether in Spring 2016 with the goal of creating an interconnected social network of local weather blogs. But like many other meteorologists, Charlie has been fascinated by the natural sciences from a very young age. After delving into meteorology, geology, astronomy, and physics throughout elementary and middle school, Charlie began writing weather and science blogs in high school and hasn’t stopped since. He graduated from the University of Washington in 2015 with a B.S. in atmospheric sciences focusing on meteorology and climatology.

Previously a life-long Seattle resident, Charlie now works in the renewable energy industry in Portland, OR, forecasting the power output for wind farms along the Columbia River Gorge. Charlie loves to play saxophone with his funk band in Seattle, and whether it's skiing throughout the Cascades or geoduck clamming in Puget Sound, Charlie loves getting outside, rain or shine. 

Blog: charlie.weathertogether.net
Email: charlie@weathertogether.net

Karl Bonner

Karl graduated with a degree in economics from the University of Oregon in 2009, and currently resides in The Dalles, OR where he is deeply involved in local community organizing. While he has no formal education in atmospheric sciences, he has taught himself a great deal about meteorology since graduating college and has amassed an impressive amount of knowledge about the weather of the Columbia River Gorge.

He loves to keep track of the arrival of spring and autumn in the Gorge and regularly posts beautiful pictures on his blog. In his spare time, Karl loves to play both saxophone and french horn.

Blog: thedallesblog.weathertogether.net

Mark Ingalls

Mark has been obsessed with weather as long as he can remember. He grew up in a military family and lived all over. Mark claims Kennewick, Washington as home but currently lives in St. Anthony, Idaho and is going to school at Brigham Young University – Idaho.

Aside from weather, Mark enjoys wilderness adventures. He's climbed mountains (such as Mount Adams), and has gone on backpacking trips lasting several days. He also Geocaches.

Mark occasionally blogs for a few radio stations in the Tri-Cities. Those posts are usually aimed at local folks there. On WeatherTogether, Mark blogs about whatever catches his fancy.

Blog: ingalls.weathertogether.net

Chris Scragg

Chris Scragg is college student studying Journalism and Meteorology at ASU in Phoenix, AZ. He lived in Seattle, WA for five years before coming here. In Seattle he earned a degree in Digital Media and blogged about local weather under the alias “Puget Sound Weather Geek”. He also spent eight months as an intern in the Seattle KOMO News TV Station with Meteorologist Steve Pool.

Chris' passion for weather began in Arizona when he was seven. Seeing the huge thunderstorms during the Monsoon Season sparked his fascination with lightning and love of weather. Chris has since built other interests in photography, video production and putting all of these skills to the test while storm chasing and capturing lightning on camera in the Arizona Desert.

Blog: phxweatherblog.weathertogether.net
Email: chrisscragg@hotmail.com
Photography: hscraggphoto.weebly.com/severe-weather-photography.html

Brie Hawkins

Brie started Little Bear Creek Weather back in 2014 in hopes of creating a hyper local weather resource for the North King and South Snohomish County area of Washington State. LBCWeather is an interactive facebook page and blog with localized forecast discussions, live storm updates, weather information and education, and a place where people can get their questions answered in a more personal environment.

Brie’s passion for weather has been around since she was quite young, but the Hannukah Eve windstorm of 2006 was what really sparked her interest in the meteorology world. While she has no formal training, she has self taught quite a bit about forecasting, model reading, and other aspects of atmospheric science. Eventually she hopes to go back to school to obtain a degree in atmos. Brie also has a passion for landscape and nature photography, and when weather comes into play, it's the best of both worlds. She is also a trained Skywarn weather spotter, and a Weather Ready Nation Ambassador partnered with the Seattle National Weather Service.

Blog: lbcweather.weathertogether.net
Email: littlebearcreekweather@gmail.com
Photography: facebook.com/jbhawkinsphotography

Jeff Taylor

Jeff developed an early passion for weather and began observing and recording personal weather data when about 10 years old. Snowstorms were a favorite weather event when growing up in Maryland. He took meteorology and climatology courses at Frostburg State University but majored in geography, emphasizing cartography as a career. He greatly missed snow when living in San Francisco and the Bay Area for 16 years. Now that he lives in the Portland area, he is happy to be able to measure it again. Jeff is also a former National Weather Service COOP observer but had to give it up upon moving west.

Jeff has enjoyed learning about and observing the weather patterns in the Pacific Northwest, having established his automated weather equipment in May 2014. He has also done a massive amount of research on the climate and weather of Maryland where he grew up. He blogs about both on WeatherTogether!

Weather of Happy Valley, Oregon: http://happyvalleywx.weathertogether.net/
Climate and Weather of Maryland:
E-mail: wxjeff@sbcglobal.net
Personal Weather Station: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/mesowest/timeseries.php?wfo=pqr&sid=e5214&num=72