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"Thermal Winter" Begins With Exceptionally Warm Pattern
Published 11/20/2017 in The Dalles Weather Blog Author Karl Bonner
It begins on December 20/21 and ends March 19/20, if you follow the conventional calendar. It begins on November 6/7 and ends February 3/4, if you go strictly by sun angle. It begins on December 1 and ends February 28/29, if you're into weather and climate data. ...But if you REALLY ask an... read more ❯

Windstorm Review
Published 11/14/2017 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
This storm lived up to the hype, delivering a strong blow to the coast and lesser but still damaging winds inland, particularly the Puget Sound. Fellow WeatherTogether blogger Brie Hawkins of Little Bear Creek Weather lost her power in Woodinville Washington, and as of 5 pm PST, approximately 110,000 people in... read more ❯

Serious Windstorm for the Coast and Moderate Inland Windstorm Today
Published 11/13/2017 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
I just got back from a weekend vacation at my uncle's place in Pacific City, Oregon, but how I wish I could stay just one more night! Why, you may ask? The first significant windstorm of the 2017-2018 storm season is predicted to bring fierce winds to the coast Monday... read more ❯

A Very Snowy Week Ahead for the Cascades
Published 11/10/2017 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
When I was little, I remember how the Summit at Snoqualmie would always put out a "Photo of the Day," chronicling the weather conditions each day up on the mountain. Now, they have an Instagram and take photos whenever they feel like it, and while I guess it serves the same... read more ❯

Forecast for the Auburn Marching Band Competition
Published 11/10/2017 in Ingalls Weather Author Mark Ingalls
I am friends with a lot of folks in the Tri-Cities who have siblings or kids in marching band. This weekend, they will be traveling over to the west side of the mountains to participate in a parade and competition in Auburn. As the weather here outside Reno is fairly... read more ❯

Warmer Weather Returns
Published 11/7/2017 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
7 pm PDT 11/6/2017 infrared satellite and 500 mb heights
It was a fringe event once again, but many places around Puget Sound saw a second lowland snow event yesterday morning and afternoon! It wasn't as widespread as predicted due to the center of low pressure... read more ❯

Published 11/6/2017 in Happy Valley, Oregon, Weather Author Jeff Taylor
TEMPERATURES It was a topsy-turvy month as the second half was actually warmer than the first half, not the usual steady decline as we move through Autumn. Splitting the month in two, the Average Max/Min/Mean Temperatures... read more ❯

Columbia Basin Snow Report
Published 11/5/2017 in Ingalls Weather Author Mark Ingalls
Winter is making an early appearance today in the Tri-Cities, as several places woke up to a dusting of snow. Winter Weather Advisories are in place for the Blue Mountains as well as in Yakima. The Tri-Cities will likely see off and on rain and snow showers as this system... read more ❯

A Review of Thursday's Snowstorm and a Forecast for Tonight
Published 11/5/2017 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
First off, I apologize for getting this out so late - I've been extraordinarily busy between the WeatherTogether/WeatherQuack merger and work. Trust me, I wanted nothing more than to give y'all a forecast for the November 3rd snow. But I'll give you the next best thing - a review, and... read more ❯

Early November: Winter's First Little Tease?
Published 11/2/2017 in The Dalles Weather Blog Author Karl Bonner
I hope you all had a happy Halloween these past few days. I enjoyed a weekend stay in Portland, where I attended my first-ever OMSI Winter Weather Conference and got to meet several of my online weather buddies in person! Then by evening of the next day I was back... read more ❯

Daily Weather Reports

Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017 South West Michigan - Cold And Snow
Published 12/12/2017 in Murphy's Weather Author Patricia Murphy
Winter Weather Advisory in effect until Wednesday. Currently 16 degrees with a NW wind of 10.1 mph dropping that down to feeling like 2 degrees. Dew Point 9, Barometer 29.94, Humidity 72%, Visibility 6 mi, Sunrise 8:04 am, Sunset 5:07 pm. 30% chance of snow flurries. High around 20. NW winds... read more ❯

A mostly to partly cloudy, milder update for West Rockville Maryland on Monday, December 11 2017
Published 12/12/2017 in West Rockville MD Weather Author Kevin Shaw
Monday was a mostly to partly cloudy, milder, snowless day that actually saw the snowpack vanish (see featured image) as temps rose into the mid 40s and mins stayed above freezing. Monday temperatures only dropped early in the AM into the upper low 30s, then rose into the mid 40s... read more ❯

Sola Virtus Observatory Wx Report 12.12.17
Published 12/12/2017 in Sola Virtus Observatory Wx Report Author Josh Henderson
Weather Summary for Monday 12.11.17:  Cloudy early then a mix of Sun and Clouds. The High Temperature reached 41.9 °F at 2:55 pm.  Humidity High: 85%.... Humidity Low: 55%.....Dew Pt. High: 30°F.....Dew Pt. Low:  21.6°F.....Solar Radiation High:  441  W/m2... UV Index... read more ❯

Here`s My You Tube Weather Video for Monday - December 11, 2017 !
Published 12/11/2017 in Jackson, TN's Climate Summary Author William Brantley
https://youtu.be/w2M3th1BzCQ Here is Monday - December 11, 2017`s - Historical Climate Summary ! Lowest Barometric Pressure : 29.88″ at 5 p.m. Highest Barometric Pressure : 30.17″ at 12 – 2 a.m. Lowest Relative Humidity : 26% at 2 – 4 p.m. Highest Relative Humidity : 92% at 5 a.m. Lowest Dew Point Temperature : 25° at... read more ❯

A cloudy, cold update for West Rockville Maryland on Sunday, December 10 2017
Published 12/11/2017 in West Rockville MD Weather Author Kevin Shaw
Sunday was a cloudy, cold, snowless day that saw the snowpack reduce a bit under the still surprisingly powerful sun's rays under the cloudy skies. Sunday temperatures dropped very early in the AM into the upper mid 20s, then rising into the low 30s by sunrise, and peaking out in... read more ❯

Cold, Snowy Weather Continues for Mid Michigan
Published 12/11/2017 in Mid Michigan Weather Author Cathie Ursu
There is no letup in the below normal temps for us until the weekend.  Our weather continues with roller coaster temperatures such as we have had most of the year.  It is either much warmer or colder than normal.  We received a few spits of snow yesterday but nothing measurable. ... read more ❯

Monday, Dec. 11, 2017 South West - Snow And More Snow
Published 12/11/2017 in Murphy's Weather Author Patricia Murphy
Currently 23 with an E wind of 2.8 dragging that down to feeling like 16. Dew Point 23, Barometer 29.93, Humidity 95%, Visibility 0.5 mi, Sunrise 5:06 am, Sunset 5:07 pm. 90% chance of snow today. 2 - 3" expected. High around 30. S wind 5 - 15 mph. 90% chance... read more ❯

Warm coming for the next week or so
Published 12/11/2017 in Salcha Weather Author John Markle
My featured picture  was last year at this time and into January. Glad had the old analog thermometer as the new stuff on market  shuts down at that temp. Davis  and all the new digital PWS are completely useless after we hit 39.5 deg.  below zero. Modern electronics. They just... read more ❯

Here`s Yesterdays Historical Climate Summary !
Published 12/11/2017 in Jackson, TN's Climate Summary Author William Brantley
Here is Sunday - December 10, 2017`s - Historical Climate Summary ! Lowest Barometric Pressure : 30.15″ at 3 – 5 p.m. Highest Barometric Pressure : 30.29″ at 8, 9 a.m. Lowest Relative Humidity : 31% at 3 p.m. Highest Relative Humidity : 96% at 3, 6, 7 a.m. Lowest Dew Point Temperature : 16°... read more ❯

After winters of bitter disappointment, today I can say the following
I've just had a snow day Now, snow days in the American sense don't actually exist in the United Kingdom although that said several councils have already started to alert families via local and social media that their schools will be closed tomorrow, but I am calling it a snow day... read more ❯

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