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A Transition To More Seasonable Weather
Published 4/24/2016 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
We've been so hot recently, many of us (including myself) have forgotten that it is only April. Although mountain snow at Snoqualmie Pass becomes increasingly hard to come by after mid-April, it is still relatively common, and we can even have snow there into May. Of course, when you get... read more ❯

Viva La Niña!
Published 4/18/2016 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
Credit: NOAA Earlier this week, my good friends at NOAA (well, hopefully we'll be best buds someday) issued a La Niña watch for the Tropical Pacific. Some of the models were showing a transition to a La Niña for next winter in the months before, but there was enough spread and... read more ❯

Record Heat Today?
Published 4/7/2016 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
Frying an egg and two strips of bacon on the side of the road in Death Valley, California.Credit: www.catholic.org What a change a month makes! Back on the 10th and 13th of March, we had two powerful windstorms roll through the area, with the one on the 10th causing lots of... read more ❯

Another Beautiful Week On Tap
Published 4/5/2016 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
Wow, what a change in weather we have had! From the wettest winter on record to two consecutive weeks with temperatures above 70 degrees! Our transition from autumn to winter is swift, but our transition from winter to spring usually takes a little bit more time. It certainly hasn't taken... read more ❯

The Demise of The West Antarctic Ice Sheet
Published 4/4/2016 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
On Wednesday, the New York times came out with an alarming article. It said that a new, high-resolution model was showing that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS), a massive ice sheet west of the "Transantarctic Mountains" that divides the continent into eastern and western sections, could melt far faster... read more ❯

Beautiful Week Ahead!
Published 3/31/2016 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
I had meant to get to this earlier, but then a funnel cloud occurred over Mill Creek and I had to write about that. Believe it or not, there are people who prefer stormy days with funnel clouds to beautiful, clear, warm sunny days, and I belong to that unique... read more ❯

Funnel Cloud Over Mill Creek!
Published 3/29/2016 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
  Credit: NASA AQUA Satellite, ~2pm on Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016 Yesterday was definitely a crazy day for weather! For much of the day, a pretty strong Puget Sound Convergence Zone set up shop in the Northern and Central Puget Sound regions, waxing and waning in intensity and shifting northward and... read more ❯

Should Seattle Close Its Parks During Windstorms?
Published 3/27/2016 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
There's nothing a Pacific Northwest meteorologist likes more than a big windstorm. Flooding rains are interesting, but they make for terrible skiing (something many meteorologists like to do!) and are not nearly as vicious and intense as a windstorm. Snowstorms are awesome because they are so rare, and there's nothing... read more ❯

Sneezing Up A Storm
Published 3/23/2016 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
Wednesday, March 23, 2016 2:28 pm Every year, around the first week of March, springtime allergies hit me harder than a bottle of caffeine pills. For the majority of the winter, I'm totally fine, and then suddenly, my eyes are the wettest they've been since stupidly eating some absurdly hot chili pepper... read more ❯

Sunday Windstorm Review
Published 3/15/2016 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
Pi Day 2016 4:55 pm I apologize for not being in the blogosphere yesterday - I was up at Alpental introducing 5-year-olds to poles. I taught lessons up there this year on the weekends and had a spectacular time, and I'd highly recommend anybody who loves kids and skiing to consider teaching... read more ❯

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