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Mountain Snow Continues To Pile Up
Published 1/21/2018 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
Looking north towards Mt. Rainier from the Paradise Visitor Center (5,400'). As you can see, the mountain is not out!
It has been a wonderful past few days for mountain snowfall, and we have gobs of additional snow on the way this week! I was skiing in Whistler from the 14th through the 18th, and although the first two days were sunny and the third was rainy, the 17th and... read more ❯

Earthquakes in the Cascadia Subduction Zone
Published 1/16/2018 in Ingalls Weather Author Mark Ingalls
Author's Note: This part of a weekly series on geology for a class I am taking this semester at BYU-Idaho. This week's prompt required students to find a news article, post it on our blogs and explain how plate tectonics played a role in the situation. Other posts from this... read more ❯

Iridescent Cloud
Published 1/14/2018 in Happy Valley, Oregon, Weather Author Jeff Taylor
i just stepped outside and happened to look up and see this iridescence from a contrail. . read more ❯

Wind, Rain, Mountain Snow, and Big Waves this Week!
Published 1/14/2018 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
The Mavericks Surf Contenst on February 13, 2010
After a brief break this weekend, the coming week will feature the classic quadfecta of winter weather: rain, wind, mountain snow, and big waves on the coast. As far as mountain snow goes, I couldn’t be happier, as I’m heading up to Whistler tomorrow and am looking forward to a... read more ❯

Entering a More Active Pattern
Published 1/9/2018 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
Sea-level-pressure, 10-meter winds, and 925 mb temperature at Valid 10:00 am PST, Thu 11 Jan 2018
I'm back! I apologize for the unannounced blogging hiatus - the truth is that I've been a tad burnt out lately. Interestingly, I don't think it has as much to do with work as much as my commute to and from work, which is a bike ride that has been... read more ❯

Christmas-into-the-New-Year Extreme Cold in Maryland
Published 1/9/2018 in Maryland Climate and Weather Author Jeff Taylor
Now that the cold weather had abated, for now, here are a few things that I've discovered occurred during this extended period from Christmastime through the first week of January: It wasn't the coldest weather that has ever occurred in the state. It wasn't the lengthiest cold weather to ever... read more ❯

Thermal Springs of Nevada
Published 1/9/2018 in Ingalls Weather Author Mark Ingalls
Author's Note: This the first part of a weekly series on geology for a class I am taking this semester at BYU-Idaho. This week's prompt is "Where have you seen geology in your daily life?" Other posts from this assignment can be found under the "Geology 111" category. Geology, like weather, is... read more ❯

Published 1/3/2018 in Happy Valley, Oregon, Weather Author Jeff Taylor
TEMPERATURES Average Temperatures were fairly steady throughout the month with a difference between the Maximum and Minimum of only 8.2°. The Average Max/Min/Mean Temperatures December 1st-15th vs. 16th-31st: 44.7°/36.6°/40.6° vs. 43.6°/35.2°/39.4°. There was no unusual warmth or cold - the month only featured 5 days reaching Maxima ≥50° and most... read more ❯

A White Christmas For The Pacific Northwest!
Published 12/25/2017 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
WE DID IT! In an event that far exceeded my expectations, Western Washington and even parts of Western Oregon saw their first White Christmas since 2008. Our storm made landfall further south than modeled, leading to colder conditions throughout the... read more ❯

Could We Have A White Christmas?
Published 12/23/2017 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
24-hour snowfall ending 04:00 am PST, Mon 25 Dec 2017
I've been taking a well-needed vacation from weather blogging and have been spending some wonderful time with family and friends up in Seattle for the holidays. But with rumors of a White Christmas reverberating from Westlake Center to Sea-Tac Airport, I thought I'd weigh in on the potential for some... read more ❯

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Daily Weather Reports

Mild fall is over, Winter Cold is here
Published 1/22/2018 in Salcha Weather Author John Markle
Well we finally are getting into our winter mode here. For a bit thought it was bypassing us. Climate folks  said  fall was going to  be milder and it was till this  cold air  moved out of Siberia.  While folks  in lower 48 complained about the chill they had, to... read more ❯

Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018 South West Michigan - Drizzle, Cool
Published 1/21/2018 in Murphy's Weather Author Patricia Murphy
Current temperature is 38 degrees with an E wind of 4 mph making a slight change so it feels like 35. Dew Point 36, Barometer 29.98 & falling, Humidity 94%, Visibility 0.9 mi, Sunrise 8:06 am, Sunset 5:40 pm. 80% chance of light rain this evening turning into a steady overnight... read more ❯

Nasty Weather For our Sunday in Mid Michigan
Published 1/21/2018 in Mid Michigan Weather Author Cathie Ursu
Today is misty, damp, cloudy, and really not a nice day weather-wise.  We are under a dense fog advisory but visibility is still around 5 miles.  I'm thinking that it may get worse tonight  Temperatures are quite mild and we are losing a little snow every day.  Our ground cover... read more ❯

A partly sunny, very mild update for West Rockville Maryland on Saturday, January 20 2018
Published 1/21/2018 in West Rockville MD Weather Author Kevin Shaw
Saturday featured warm, partly sunny skies as high temperatures rose into the upper 50s. The Saturday maximum temperature from the VP2 (58.3°) was recorded at 1525 while the minimum temperature (27.4°) was recorded at 0708. My dew point temperatures continued their slow climb upwards, ranging from 15° at 0328 up... read more ❯

Weekly Wrap Up: January 20, 2018 #ARWX
Published 1/20/2018 in Nathan Parker Author Nathan Parker
It's another Saturday and time for another Weekly Wrap Up! This week brought frigid temperatures to the Natural State, as well as about one inch of snow to Hot Springs (and real snow instead of only ice this time!). My CoCoRaHS and weather station rain gauges froze over during the... read more ❯

Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018 South West Michigan - Crisp And Clear Day
Published 1/20/2018 in Murphy's Weather Author Patricia Murphy
Currently 36 degrees with a SW wind of 10 mph dropping that to feeling like 28. Dew Point 32, Barometer 29.9, Humidity 77%, Visibility 10 mi, Sunrise 8:07 am, Sunset 5:39 pm. Partly sunny with afternoon fog possible. High in the lower 40s. SW winds 5 - 10 mph. Partly cloudy... read more ❯

Mild, Pleasant Weather is Upon Us in Mid Michigan
Published 1/20/2018 in Mid Michigan Weather Author Cathie Ursu
Yesterday was quite pleasant although a bit breezy.  The wind even felt mild compared to this past week.  We should continue to see temps that are above normal for the next 4-5 days and that will be welcome.  We lost a little snow cover yesterday and it is now down... read more ❯

A partly sunny, milder update for West Rockville Maryland on Friday, January 19 2018
Published 1/20/2018 in West Rockville MD Weather Author Kevin Shaw
Friday featured a high clouds overcast in the AM, then mostly sunny, warmer conditions in the PM as high temperatures approached the 50° mark. All vestiges of snow in my immediate area have melted away. The Friday maximum temperature from the VP2 (49.6°) was recorded at 1503 while the minimum... read more ❯

Here`s Friday - January 19, 2018`s - Historical Climate Summary !
Published 1/20/2018 in Jackson, TN's Climate Summary Author William Brantley
Lowest Barometric Pressure : 30.16″ at 9, 10, 11:59 p.m. Highest Barometric Pressure : 30.34″ at 12 a.m. Lowest Relative Humidity : 37% at 1, 2 p.m. Highest Relative Humidity : 68% at 6, 7 a.m. Lowest Dew Point Temperature : 11° at 1 a.m. Highest Dew Point Temperature : 23° at 11:59 p.m. Lowest Wind... read more ❯

Friday, Jan. 19, 2018 South West Michigan - Warming And Wonderful Weekend
Published 1/19/2018 in Murphy's Weather Author Patricia Murphy
Currently 30 with a SW wind of 15 mph dropping that to feeling like 21 degrees. Dew Point 27, Barometer 29.9, Humidity 72%, Visibility 10 mi, Sunrise 8:08 am, Sunset 5:37 pm.  Mostly Sunny will become partly sunny in the afternoon. High lower 30s. SW winds 10 - 20 mph. Partly... read more ❯

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