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Storm Season Begins This Week
Published 10/17/2017 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
Yesterday's image of the powerful jet stream from the polar-orbiting SUOMI NPP satellite.
One of my recent posts talked about how the transition to winter is quicker than the transition to spring. Though the post was concerned with temperature changes and had a global perspective, we in the Pacific Northwest tend to experience a particularly rapid pattern change as our summertime Eastern Pacific... read more ❯

First Snow of the Season for the Lower Passes
Published 10/11/2017 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
Paradise Ranger Station, Looking East from Jackson Visitor Center. Elevation: 5,400
We got a taste of winter in mid-September, when an unseasonably cool upper-level trough dropped several inches of the white stuff to Timberline, Paradise Ranger Station, and many other locations in the Cascades above 5,500 feet. But an even chillier upper-level trough is currently over the area and will direct... read more ❯

Why is the Transition Into Winter Faster Than The Transition Out of It?
Published 10/8/2017 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
Now that we are officially in autumn, I can hardly contain my excitement for storm season to get underway. Our transition from autumn into winter is fast and furious; in only 1 1/2 months, we'll be in the stormiest period of the year, and there's even a chance for lowland... read more ❯

Beautiful Start To October, But Intrigue Lies Ahead...
Published 10/7/2017 in The Dalles Weather Blog Author Karl Bonner
Columbia River Near Taylor Lake
What a lovely start to October! Honestly, you couldn't ask for much more perfect weather than this. Cold nights with patchy frost in some areas, and mild sunny days in the low/mid 70s in the lowlands. The airport in Dallesport... read more ❯

Happy Valley, Oregon, Weather: September 2017
Published 10/5/2017 in Happy Valley, Oregon, Weather Author Jeff
TEMPERATURES: The normal steady monthly decline in temperatures occurred through this September. The Average Maximum/Minimum/Mean Temperatures for Sept 1st-15th vs. 16th-30th were thus: 82.9°/59.1°/71.0° vs. 68.1°/51.8°/60.0°. There were 5 days with Max. Temps. ≥90°, all occurring over the first 11 days of the month. A brief warm-up occurred at month's... read more ❯

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Daily Weather Reports

Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017 South West Michigan - Unseasonable Warmth
Published 10/19/2017 in Murphy's Weather Author Patricia
Currently 57 with a WNW wind of 6 mi ignoring that, so it feels like the 57 it is. Dew Point 40, Humidity 53%, Barometer 30.04, Visibility 10 mi, Sunrise 8:00 am, Sunrise 6:53 pm. Sunny with a high in the mid 60s. W winds 5 - 10 mph. Clear overnight... read more ❯

Enjoying Our Above-Normal Temps While They Last - Mid Michigan
Published 10/19/2017 in Mid Michigan Weather Author Cathie
If one doesn't mind the wind, we could say that this is fantastic weather.  Apparently, we can expect this for the remainder of the week.  There is cold air moving our way for next week, and the pendulum will swing the other way bringing us below-normal temps for a few... read more ❯

Another beautifully pleasant fall day update for West Rockville Maryland for Wednesday October 18 2017
Published 10/19/2017 in West Rockville MD Weather Author Kevin Shaw
Wednesday was another beautifully sunny, fall day. Autumnal color has been slow in my immediate neighborhood to change, and after getting out into more of county byways on Wednesday, the whole area is slow to change tree leaf color for mid-October. Temperatures once again held to the more traditional fall daily... read more ❯

Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017 South West Michigan - Keeping An Eye On Weather
Published 10/18/2017 in Murphy's Weather Author Patricia
Currently 52 degrees with a SSW wind of 10 mph putting that down where it feels like 48. Dew Point 42, Humidity 68%, Barometer 30.15, Visibility 10 mi, Sunrise 7:59 am, Sunset 6:53 pm. Sunny today with a high of 68. SSW winds 10 - 20 mph. A few overnight passing... read more ❯

Another Round of Above-Normal Temps for Mid Michigan
Published 10/18/2017 in Mid Michigan Weather Author Cathie
After all of the rain that we received over the past week, I noticed that our colors have become more vibrant and it is looking more normal for mid October.  But what isn't normal is that our highs will once again be in the mid 60s to low 70s this... read more ❯

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