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SLIDESHOW - Trip to see the meteor shower
Published 12/14/2017 in Ingalls Weather Author Mark Ingalls
With all this talk of "the best meteor shower of 2017," Alisha and I decided to go on an adventure to take advantage of the majorly clear skies and lack of rain in northern Nevada. Knowing that the lights of Fernley, Fallon, and Reno would drown out the... read more ❯

What difference does elevation make for air pressure?
Published 12/10/2017 in Ingalls Weather Author Mark Ingalls
Saturday, my wife and I took a few kids we go to church with up to Mount Rose and Lake Tahoe while their mom had a work meeting in Reno. After spending some time playing in the snow where Highway 431 crosses the mountain (elevation 8,911), we drove down to... read more ❯

McRidge - The End Is Near
Published 12/10/2017 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
Fog over the Columbia Basin. The smoke off the coast is from the California wildfires due to southerly flow aloft on the western side of McRidge
It's been five days since my initial post, which, despite describing the most boring weather feature in existence, actually became my most-viewed post ever with over 1,000 views this week! That's because Scott Sistek, a University of Washington meteorology grad who works for KOMO as a content writer/off-air meteorologist, was... read more ❯

Death Ridge To Kill All Interesting Weather For Next 10 Days
Published 12/5/2017 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
The title reads like an Onion article, but it's true. A massive ridge of high pressure will move into western North America today and stay there for the foreseeable future, putting an abrupt end to our normally stormy weather. In the summer, such a ridge would give us extreme warmth,... read more ❯

December Is Here! Dry & Brisk Until Further Notice
Published 12/5/2017 in The Dalles Weather Blog Author Karl Bonner
It's been quite a while since I posted last, but not too much of interest has happened since then. The biggest "story" was our record warm Thanksgiving in The Dalles, at 67 degrees F. We've actually had 3 of the last 4 Thanksgivings, turn out extremely balmy in the eastern... read more ❯

Published 12/3/2017 in Happy Valley, Oregon, Weather Author Jeff Taylor
TEMPERATURES A steady monthly temperature pattern occurred. The Average Maximum/Minimum/Mean Temperatures for November 1st-15th vs. 16th-30th were almost exactly the same: 52.0°/42.4°/47.2° vs. 51.9°/42.4°/47.2°. The month's warmest weather waited until Thanksgiving time when the Minimum Temperature only dropped to 54.9° on the 22nd, several degrees above the Normal Maximum Temperature for... read more ❯

November 2017 Update
Published 12/1/2017 in WeatherTogether Author Mark Ingalls
A superior mirage and atmospheric duct looking north to Vancouver Island/Victoria from the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
WeatherTogether continued to grow in November! We're pleased to announce three new bloggers, one of which added a new state to our portfolio - Alaska! This brings our total number of nations to two and our total number... read more ❯

Wet year in Utah helps the Great Salt Lake
Published 11/27/2017 in Ingalls Weather Author Mark Ingalls
Note: Lake levels mentioned in this article are from the Saltair Boat Harbor, near I-80 Exit 104. The last time the Great Salt Lake's surface elevation was at its historical average of 4,200 feet above sea level was in the early 1990s. At that elevation, the lake is roughly 33 feet... read more ❯

Advection Fog Over Lake Washington!
Published 11/23/2017 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
Folks west of the Cascade crest smashed record high temperatures today as a Pineapple Express continued to pump extremely warm and moist air originating from the Hawaiian Islands into the region. The fact that today was relatively calm and dry definitely helped, as we were able to get a little... read more ❯

Baltimore and Washington: Extreme Precipitation Within Their Political Boundaries
Published 11/21/2017 in Maryland Climate and Weather Author Jeff Taylor
Most larger U.S. cities have one "official" National Weather Service (NWS) weather station for which climate data is recorded and archived. As we weather geeks know, that one location can be very unrepresentative of weather conditions compared with other parts of a city, especially as related to precipitation. Elevation and varying... read more ❯

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Daily Weather Reports

Sola Virtus Observatory Wx Report 12.18.17
Published 12/18/2017 in Sola Virtus Observatory Wx Report Author Josh Henderson
Weather Summary for Sunday 12.17.17:  Cloudy early then a mix of Clouds and some Sun with above normal Temps. The High Temperature reached 46.3 °F at 1:57 pm.  Humidity High: 86%.... Humidity Low: 58%.....Dew Pt. High: 34°F.....Dew Pt. Low:  21.8°F.....Solar Radiation High:  353 ... read more ❯

A brief sunny, milder update for West Rockville Maryland on Saturday, December 16 2017
Published 12/18/2017 in West Rockville MD Weather Author Kevin Shaw
Saturday continued my crazy holiday schedule so I didn't get a chance to post my daily weather for the day till now. So I will be brief once again with just basic data and highlights of the day. I will make a full post for Sunday in an hour or... read more ❯

Here`s My You Tube Weather Video for Sunday - December 17, 2017 !
Published 12/17/2017 in Jackson, TN's Climate Summary Author William Brantley
https://youtu.be/yY_5YUXOC4g Here is Sunday - December 17, 2017`s - Historical Climate Summary ! Lowest Barometric Pressure : 30.07″ at 1 p.m. Highest Barometric Pressure : 30.20″ at 7 a.m. Lowest Relative Humidity : 50% at 1, 2 a.m. Highest Relative Humidity : 100% at 7 a.m., 5 – 11:59 p.m. Lowest Dew Point Temperature : 29°... read more ❯

Sunday, Dec. 17, 2017 South West Michigan - A Bit Of A Break In The Weather
Published 12/17/2017 in Murphy's Weather Author Patricia Murphy
Currently 25 with an E wind of 5 mph dropping that to feeling like 16. Dew Point 25, Barometer 30.14, Humidity 100%, Visibility 10 mi, Sunrise 8:08 am, Sunset 5:08 pm. Cloudy today with a high in the lower 30s. E winds 5 - 15 mph with gusts to around... read more ❯

A Significant Warmup Heading Our Way - Mid Michigan
Published 12/17/2017 in Mid Michigan Weather Author Cathie Ursu
We should start seeing our temperatures moderate a bit this week.  We may see highs in the upper 30s to low 40s by mid week.  Although it won't be warm enough to melt much of our snow, at least it should clear bare surfaces as well as the roads.  A... read more ❯

Here`s My You Tube Weather Video for Saturday - December 16, 2017 !
Published 12/16/2017 in Jackson, TN's Climate Summary Author William Brantley
https://youtu.be/2cZz5_zsNKk Here is Saturday - December 16, 2017`s - Historical Climate Summary ! Lowest Barometric Pressure : 30.16″ at 2 – 5 p.m. Highest Barometric Pressure : 30.25″ at 10 a.m. Lowest Relative Humidity : 38% at 2 p.m. Highest Relative Humidity : 79% at 2 a.m. Lowest Dew Point Temperature : 26° at 1 –... read more ❯

How the Washington Post built the nation's most beloved weather blog (article)
Published 12/16/2017 in West Rockville MD Weather Author Kevin Shaw
From a twitter post by Mark Growth, this very interesting, well-written article by Simon Owens tells us all about how the Capital Weather Gang got their great weather blog started and posted through the Washington Post a few years back... Perhaps there are some interesting ideas for weather together to... read more ❯

A mostly cloudy, cold, snowy update for West Rockville Maryland on Friday, December 15 2017
Published 12/16/2017 in West Rockville MD Weather Author Kevin Shaw
Friday was a mostly cloudy, colder day that featured mid-day to late afternoon light snow and sleet that put our outdoor views in a decidedly festive, traditional holiday "mood." It was beautiful! Please see the featured image  picture taken at about 1500 while still snowing lightly (but very hard to... read more ❯

Three More Inches of Snow - Mid Michigan
Published 12/16/2017 in Mid Michigan Weather Author Cathie Ursu
I have to say that the weather service really blew it yesterday.  Our forecast called for light snow with accumulations of less than an inch.  We got three.  I measured 8.75 inches on the ground this morning.  Today could see more minor accumulations and there is even a chance for... read more ❯

Saturday, Dec. 16, 2017 South West Michigan - Snow, Hopefully, Set To Taper Off
Published 12/16/2017 in Murphy's Weather Author Patricia Murphy
Winter Weather Advisory still in effect until 10 am today. Currently 24 with an average wind from the ENE of 5 mph dropping that to feeling like 16. Dew Point 24, Barometer 29.93, Humidity 100%, Visibility 1,410 yards, Sunrise 8:07 am, Sunset 5 :08 pm. 80% chance of more snow until... read more ❯

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