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The Solar Eclipse and the Temperature
Published 8/21/2017 in Happy Valley, Oregon, Weather Author Jeff
Now that the great U.S. Solar Eclipse has passed through, it was interesting to see the temperature change during the event. Under fully clear skies, the eclipse began around 9:05 A.M. in Happy Valley, Oregon. The temperature on my Davis Vantage Pro2 (VP2) station stopped its typical morning rise and began... read more ❯

Final Eclipse Update
Published 8/21/2017 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
There's only 17 hours to go until the eclipse, and we are now within the range of the latest HRRRX (Experimental High-Resolution Rapid Refresh) model! This is exciting because the HRRRX takes the decrease in solar radiation due to the eclipse into account. Take a look at the predicted incoming... read more ❯

Your Eclipse Forecast!
Published 8/19/2017 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie Phillips
Can you believe that there are less than 48 hours to go until the Great American Eclipse of 2017? I get giddy just thinking about it. The weather is looking spectacular for nearly everyone - the coast will likely be shrouded in low clouds for the viewing, and there's still some uncertainty... read more ❯

Near Total Eclipse Blog: Details And Weather
Published 8/18/2017 in The Dalles Weather Blog Author Charlie Phillips
It's time for the big ECLIPSE BLOG. A few days ago I thought I had a ride up to a camping site near John Day, for the total eclipse. But those plans fell through. As of right now, my plan is to just enjoy the 99% eclipse from here in... read more ❯

Maryland Precipitation Records: Cities
Published 8/16/2017 in Maryland Climate and Weather Author Jeff
Maryland-Record-Precipitation - Cities Please click the "MARYLAND CLIMATE DATA" drop-down list at the upper right of this page for this and other historical data, then return here to click the link to access the data. Photo of Flood Damage in Ellicott City, MD - 7/30/2016 (Photo from read more ❯

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